Denizens in Suriname’s Jungle Headwaters


It looked as though our fishing trip had turned into a hiking expedition. We left the dugout canoe at the main river and began sloshing our way along a jungle creek bed. Howler monkeys and tropical birds sounded through the canopy above. Before long we came upon our destination: a tranquil series of pools ... More »
© Al McGlashan
The mind’s eye captures the image: a fish of a lifetime during a thrilling leap set against the cobalt blue of a perfect sea. Capturing that moment of beauty - the hues, movement and textures - so vividly that one can ... More »
“R.T.! Left flat! R.T.! Left flat!” The voice was distant at first, cutting through the fog of sleep. I finally realized my fishing partner, Buddy Sowers, was yelling at me to grab the rod. I had been daydreaming about the 30-pound yellowfin and 40-pound doggie (dogtooth tuna) that had just been caught. It was only our third day of ... More »
Galapagos Madness

The secret is out…

The Galapagos archipelago has a secret. It has more super size striped, blue and black marlin than anywhere in the world. The waters around the islands that made Charles Darwin famous are 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador. Isolated, unspoiled and fiercely protected by the Ecuadorian government, the fishery thrives. The islands’ wildlife include nearly ... More »
It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Florida, Central America, Asia or Australia; mangrove shorelines mean fish. With their intricate root systems and tolerance for salt water, these plants anchor coastlines, filter tides and harbor aquatic food chains topped by predators we love to catch.

Not every bushy bank is created equally, however. They should, ... More »
Miami Raft Invitational Tournament

Put “fun” in extreme sports challenge

As proof that humans are an insane species, I offer Exhibit A: the Miami Raft Invitational Tournament (most recently held April 26, 2008). Forget trolling, forget towers, forget chasing down a fish that could spool the reel. This tournament reduces angling to the bare essentials: a man, a raft and a fish. For 21st Century anglers, it’s the closest they’ll come to ... More »

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